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Why plant based

Studies show that a few simple changes to add plant based food into your dietary routine can add big benefits for overall health and wellness.  According to Dr. Ambika Satija of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, to have overall health, a plant based diet “needs to focus on the quality of plant foods, and it's possible to benefit by reducing your consumption of animal foods without completely eliminating them.”

Heart Health

Plant based food products contain essential nutrients that help lower cholesterol, maintain healthy blood sugar levels to fight diabetes, and reduce inflammation in the digestive system, joints and more.

Gut Health

Plant based yogurt and other non-dairy products contain probiotic, living vegan cultures that help digestion and contain few fats and calories to aid in weight loss.

Brain Health

Plant based products are packed with nutrients that help reduce antioxidants in the blood that can cause cognitive decline.

Whether you're going full plant based or flexitarian in your diet, Seed to Spoon products can fit into your routine in a healthy and tasty way.