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3 easy ways to work plant based into your diet

Change is hard, especially when it comes to your food.  We all know that we should eat a little healthier.  But, it’s difficult to give up on the foods you love.  Before you completely ditch the dairy and turn your back on the bagels, nachos, and desserts you love, try these tasty and simple ways to work Seed to Spoon’s plant based foods into your diet.

Start the Day with Simple Changes

Bring Seed to Spoon to the breakfast table.  Replace your sugar-filled yogurt or calorie heavy cream cheese with our plant based alternatives for a healthier tastier morning

Snack Smarter 

Feed your cravings in a healthier way with Seed to Spoon.  Ditch the dairy for our rich and creamy puddings and yogurt for a tastier, healthier snacking experience

Recipe Replacements

Seed to Spoon products are so packed with flavor that your friends and family won’t know the difference in your every day dining, Taco Tuesday, Super Bowl or holiday celebration spreads.

At Seed to Spoon, we understand that the plant based lifestyle isn't for everyone, and we're not trying to change you. That's why our plant based products can fit in perfectly - whether alone or alongside the meat, dairy, and other dishes you love.